Insurance Program

New Option for Farmers Markets and Vendors

MDFMA is excited to be able to bring the Campbell Risk Management insurance program to the markets and farmers in our state.  You can receive a quote before joining, but this is a member service so we hope that you become a member of MDFMA prior to utilizing this insurance program.  Please contact us directly for more information or join our membership to receive additional details on the MDFMA insurance program.


Insurance for farmers markets and the farmers and vendors who sell there has been challenging to come by in the past, due to the mobile and moveable nature of these entities and businesses.  The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) established an insurance program to meet this need for farmers markets, and also provided cost sharing to subsidize the cost of insurance in the past. Redman Farms berries at Chestertown FMDue to shrinking budgets, MDA eliminated the cost sharing program in 2010, resulting in a pass through program for approximately 27% of the markets in the state.  The program also runs based on the state fiscal year, resulting in coverage ending in July – the height of the market season.  The elimination of the cost-sharing program along with the inopportune timing of the annual coverage dates meant that there was room for a better solution.

In 2011, the Farmers Market Coalition began to work with Campbell Risk Management to develop a program for farmers market insurance, which was hard to obtain in other areas of the country as well.  Over the past several years, this coverage has expanded from markets to include farmers who sell at markets as well as officer and directors insurance.

In 2014, MDFMA is pleased to announce that we will be offering the Campbell Risk Management plan for markets as well as farmers and vendors who sell at farmers markets, with the hope that the MDA program may not be necessary in the future.

How It Works