Food Education Program (FEd)

The Maryland Farmers Market Association (MDFMA) offers a Food Education Program, using online and at-market resources to educate farmers market customers on how to select, store, and prepare local, seasonal produce.

Program Goals

MDFMA’s Food Education Program (FEd) serves two primary goals:

How It Works

The program will run for twelve weeks, from June-August, and will feature one local, seasonal produce item each week. MDFMA will provide participating markets with a weekly program schedule, correlating with the peak season for each vegetable. MDFMA will develop all promotional and informational materials for market managers and/or farmers to share online and at the market.

Online Resources: for Social Media, Newsletters, and Websites

MDFMA will develop a suite of materials for market managers and farmers to use and share. These include:

Print and Interactive Resources: for Use at Market

At the start of the market season, MDFMA will provide participating market managers with the following items for distribution at the farmers market:

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