Get Ready For E-WIC

Heads up WIC shoppers!
The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is implementing big changes to WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks. If you are getting WIC benefits this summer, please read on.
1) From now through July 2017, WIC Fruit and Vegetable Checks (most commonly in $8 denominations) will transition from paper checks to electronic benefits (e-WIC). You can find out when the rollout will take place in your area here.
2) Unfortunately, in 2017, farmers markets will not be able to accept electronic WIC FVC benefits. We’re working to change that for 2018!
3) If you have paper WIC FVC checks, you can still use them at the farmers market! Moreover, markets that offer Maryland Market Money will continue to match paper FVCs.
4) Don’t be confused: the Farmers Market Nutrition Program (the booklets of $5 checks) will remain paper and can definitely be used at farmers markets all season long! Be sure to ask about FMNP at your WIC clinic this summer.
For more detailed information on E-WIC and these upcoming changes, please visit our FAQ page.