August 20th, 2013

Frederick MD Food Scene – with Farmers Markets

by Amy Crone

Today our very own Frederick was featured in the New York Times Travel section as a locally oriented food scene: “A Food Scene with Local Roots Sprouts in Maryland” in an article by Shivani Vora.  We feel, however, that this nice article on food in Maryland is missing two things: the farmers markets and a map.

We’ve remedied both of those here:

And hope that if you do plan a trip that you’ll be sure to stop by the many area farmers markets, which feature unique items from sauerkraut to ice cream and of course celebrate the agricultural bounty of fruits and vegetables found in Maryland.




About the Author Amy Crone Amy Crone

Amy’s passion for food starting in her aunt & uncle’s garden, a lovely log cabin by a NH lake where she first learned to preserve and pickle. She has always wanted to help people, and completed her degrees in international development in hopes of combining this interest with her love of travel. After working in the field of international development, then in federal government, then in a think tank, and then in state government, Amy decided that she wanted to explore explore her entrepreneurial interests. These included: starting a nonprofit (MDFMA), developing a national technology solution to provide farmers market and farmers access to accepting SNAP, building several websites, and becoming a Board member in local organizations. She is happy to be able to follow her passion of improving local food systems and the health of all Marylanders by getting them to buy more fresh local food at Maryland farmers markets. Amy’s other main interests are her husband & 2 children, Crossfitting, and traveling to any location that has interesting and delicious ~preferably local~ food.