July 16th, 2014

Celebrate the #BuyLocalChallenge-July 19-July 27!

by Maryland Farmers Market Association
Founded in 2007 by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC), the Buy Local Challenge gives individuals throughout the state of Maryland a chance to take a pledge to eat one locally produced or grown item per day – be it from a Maryland farmer, winery, grocer, or other local producer. In 2010, SMADC began extending invitations to all states, with the hopes that eventually the first week of July will be a nationwide celebration of our countries valuable food producers.
We’ve compiled a list of action steps to help maximize your participation in this year’s Buy Local Challenge!
1. Sign-up to take the Buy Local Challenge here. Bonus points if you get your friends and family to sign-up with you!
2. Use the “Where to Buy Local” page on the Buy Local Challenge website to plan your week of shopping and dining locally!  (Use our Resource Calendar or Maryland Farmers Market Locator as your guide to plan your farmers market visits.)
3. Celebrate with us on July 22nd from 3:30pm-6:30PM at Kenilworth Farmers Market where we will celebrate the #BuyLocalChallenge. Sign-up to take the Buy Local Challenge, receive a Buy Local Challenge commemorative certificate, learn more about in-season produce and get free recipe cards via Market to Mealtime, enter a raffle to receive a gift certificate to spend at market, and more!
4. Take the Buy Local Challenge to the “Extreme” by participating in the Buy Local Challenge Photo Contest. Gather your family for a picnic where all ingredients in your food are locally grown or produced, make meals that contain only locally sourced ingredients and snap a picture. Then, use these guidelines to submit your “Extreme” Buy Local Challenge photos into the Buy Local Challenge photo contest!
5. If you manage or work at a restaurant, business, or university that sells, cooks, or otherwise produces locally grown products, promote the Challenge to your customers!
6. Download the FREE promotional materials and the Buy Local Challenge logo here. Use these tools to promote the Challenge!
7. Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags-Use the Hashtag #BuyLocalChallenge to tweet, update your Facebook Page, and share your pictures, successes and, experiences with the Buy Local Challenge. Don’t forget to “Follow” and “Like” the Buy Local Challenge on Facebook and Twitter to get updated on the latest happenings during the week of the Challenge.
And finally, enjoy the Challenge knowing that you are a integral part of encouraging buying locally produced foods and stimulating the local Maryland economy.
Please “Follow” the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission on Twitter, “Like” them on Facebook, and visit their website to find the most up-to-date information about upcoming meets, events, and other exciting initiatives throughout Southern Maryland and the entire state!
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