June 28th, 2017

7/12 Fundraiser for Maryland Market Money at CAVA Silver Spring

by Juliet Glass

We are thrilled and honored that CAVA in Silver Spring, MD is doing a fundraiser to support Maryland Market Money on July 12 from 6pm to 10pm. Participation is easy – all you have to do is visit this CAVA location and enjoy a delicious meal. CAVA will donate 25% of every meal purchased to MDMFA. Just make sure to mention Maryland Farmers Market Association at the register so it can count toward the fundraiser.

Please help us spread the word (here’s a flyer) and thank you!

WHAT: Fundraiser at CAVA

WHEN: July 12, 6pm to 10pm

WHERE: 8515 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

About the Author Juliet Glass Juliet Glass

Born and raised in New York City, Juliet Glass attended Reed College in Portland, OR and the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Although trained as a historian, her passion for food and cooking led her to a career as a freelance food writer. Driven by a desire for more real world experience in food system management, Juliet joined FRESHFARM in Washington, DC where she managed markets, programs, and lead communications efforts. Juliet joined Maryland Farmers Market Association as the External Relations coordinator and works to increase the organization's visibility and impact, advance its mission, and expand community involvement. When not working, Juliet enjoys cooking, visiting farmers markets, yoga, and spending time with her husband, sons and cats.