September 28th, 2015

“Eat More Veggies”: New Cookbook & Guest Blog

by Michele Levy

A dreary Monday treat! We’re excited to share a post from a very special guest blogger, Taylor Gurley. Enjoy!

My name is Taylor Gurley and I am a high school senior. This year is my 12th and final year as a member of the Girl Scouts. I am completing my gold award, which is the highest honor obtainable by a Girl Scout.
I grew up on Calvert’s Gift Farm, a small certified organic farm located in northern Baltimore County. I have always been surrounded by good, wholesome food. For my community service project, I chose to use fresh food as a theme. We are constantly being told that fresh, unprocessed food is the healthiest way to eat. From my experience at farmers markets, I realized that not everyone had the knowledge on how to prepare some of the fresh vegetables. I have also found that some people find farmers market produce, especially organic offerings, to be too expensive. I decided to create a cookbook that had recipes that contained ingredients with the highest nutritional value and the lowest cost, and all of the vegetables can be purchased by those who receive government assistance. The goal of my project is to connect communities and families to farmers markets and healthy food in order to create healthier lifestyles.

To¬†download a PDF of Taylor’s cookbook, “Eat More Veggies,” please click here.

About the Author Michele Levy

Michele oversees food access programming for the MDFMA and is deeply committed to situating our work in social justice movements, both nationally and within the state. She can't imagine a Saturday morning without her weekly pilgrimage to the farmers market, which is vital for fueling her kale habit.